Human Metagenome Project

Human gut microbiomes

Sequencing 13 samples from healthy Japanese infants and adults

Sample Name Age Sex Sequence in Mb Collaborators
1 individual In-A 45 M 52.5 HMGJ
2 individual In-B 6 months M 62.8 HMGJ
3 individual In-D 35 M 55.1 HMGJ
4 individual In-E 3 months M 56.8 HMGJ
5 individual In-M 4 months F 57.8 HMGJ
6 individual In-R 24 M 55.4 HMGJ
7 Family F1-S 30 M 53.6 HMGJ
8 F1-T 28 F 55.4 HMGJ
9 F1-U 7 months F 53.6 HMGJ
10 Family F2-V 37 M 55.9 HMGJ
11 F2-W 36 F 54.9 HMGJ
12 F2-X 3 M 56.6 HMGJ
13 F2-Y 1.5 F 56.3 HMGJ
Total 727

HMGJ, - Human MetaGenome Consortium, Japan


Kurokawa K, Itoh T, Kuwahara T, Oshima K, Toh H, Toyoda A, Takami H, Morita H, Sharma VK, Srivastava TP, Taylor TD, Noguchi H, Mori H, Ogura Y, Ehrlich DS, Itoh K, Takagi T, Sakaki Y, Hayashi T, Hattori M.
Comparative Metagenomics Revealed Commonly Enriched Gene Sets in Human Gut Microbiomes.
DNA Res. (2007) 14:169-81.

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Microbial genome sequencing

Organism Status Size Publication Co-Lab.
1Adlercreutzia equolifaciens DSM 19450T Complete 2,862,633 nt probiotics Genome Announc (2013)麻布大
2Aeromonas hydrophila Complete 4,682,614 nt pathogen in preparation東京海洋大
3Agromonas oligotrophica S58 Complete 8,264,165 nt soil Appl Environ Microbiol (2013)東北大
4Algibacter lectus SS8 Draft 2.9 M coastal sediment Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
5Algibacter lectus NR4 Draft 2.9 M coastal sediment Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
6Arcobacter butzleri ED-1 Complete 2,256,675 nt industrial use J Bacteriol (2011)理研/Univ. Edinburgh
7Arcobacter sp. L Complete 2,945,673 nt industrial use J Bacteriol (2011)理研/Univ. Edinburgh
8Aspergillus sojae NBRC 4239 Draft 39.5 M industrial use DNA res (2011)キッコーマン/東工大
9Azoarcus sp. KH32C Complete 5,081,166 nt soil J Bacteriol (2012)東京大
10Bacillus akibai JCM 9157T Draft 4.7 M alkaline soil Genome Announc (2014)理研
11Bacillus cereus NC7401 Complete 5,221,581 nt pathogen J Bacteriol (2012)名古屋大
12Bacillus hemicellulosilyticus JCM 9152T Draft 4.5 M alkaline soil Genome Announc (2014)理研
13Bacillus sp. JCM 19045 Draft 4.3 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)理研
14Bacillus sp. JCM 19046 Draft 4.3 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)理研
15Bacillus sp. JCM 19047 Draft 4.0 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)理研
16Bacillus subtilis ATCC 6051 Draft 3.9 M pathogen in preparationNAIST
17Bacillus wakoensis JCM 9140T Draft 4.5 M alkaline soil Genome Announc (2014)理研
18Bacteroides fragilis YCH46 Complete 5,277,274 nt pathogen PNAS (2004)徳島大
19Bacteroides graminisolvens JCM 15093 Draft 3.6 M farm Microbes Environ (2015)理研
20Bacteroides massiliensis A_03 Complete 4,794,082 nt commensal in preparation徳島大/理研
21Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 6294T Draft 3.4 M animal feces Genome Announc (2014)理研
22Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 6292 Draft 3.4 M animal feces Genome Announc (2014)理研
23Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 10003 Draft 3.3 M animal feces Genome Announc (2014)理研
24Bacteroides reticulotermitis JCM 10512T Draft 5.3M termite gut Genome Announc (2014)理研
25Bacteroides sp. A_01 Incomplete 5.0 M commensal 徳島大/理研
26Bifidobacterium angulatum JCM 7096 Complete 2,021,974 nt commensal J Biotechnol (2015)麻布大
27Bifidobacterium bifidum JCM 1255 Complete 2,211,039 nt commensal J Biotechnol (2015)麻布大
28Bifidobacterium breve JCM 1192 Complete 2,269,455 nt commensal J Biotechnol (2015)麻布大
29Bifidobacterium catenulatum JCM 1194 Complete 2,079,525 nt commensal J Biotechnol (2015)麻布大
30Bifidobacterium dentium JCM 1195 Complete 2,385,164 nt commensal Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
31Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum ATCC 15707T Complete 3,158,347 nt commensal Nature (2011)麻布大/理研
32Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis 157F Complete 2,400,312 nt commensal Nature (2011)麻布大/理研
33Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697 Complete 2,828,958 nt commensal Nature (2011)麻布大/理研
34Bifidobacterium scardovii JCM 12489 Complete 2,635,669 nt commensal Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
35Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum JCM 1200 Complete 2,313,752 nt commensal J Biotechnol (2015)麻布大
36Bifidobacterium kashiwanohense JCM 15439 Complete 2,337,234 nt commensal Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
37Bifidobacterium sp. JCM 16039 Complete 2,345,793 nt commensal in preparation麻布大
38Bradyrhizobium betae S23321 Complete 7,231,841 nt soil MBio(2012)東北大
39Buchnera aphidicola str.APS Complete 640,681nt insect symbiont Nature (2000)東京大/理研
40Burkholderia multivorans ATCC 17616 Complete 6,841,388 nt pathogen 東北大
41Candidatus Arthromitus sp. SFB-mouse-Japan Complete 1,620,005 nt mouse commensal DNA Res (2011)香川大/宮崎大/麻布大
42Candidatus Arthromitus sp. SFB-mouse-Yit Complete 1,586,397 nt mouse commensal Cell MH (2011)理研/ヤクルト/麻布大
43Candidatus Arthromitus sp. SFB-rat-Yit Complete 1,515,556 nt rat commensal Cell MH (2011)理研/ヤクルト/麻布大
44Canditatus Carsonella ruddii PV Complete 159,662 nt insect symbiont Science (2006)理研/Arizona-U
45Candidatus Ishikawaella capsulata Mpkobe Complete 745,590 nt insect symbiont Genome Biol Evol (2011)放送大/産総研
46Chlamydophila caviae Complete 1,173,387 nt pathogen in preparation岡山大
47Chlamydophila felis Fe/C-56 Complete 1,166,239 nt pathogen DNA Res (2006)山口大
48Chlamydophila pneumoniae J138 Complete 1,226,565 nt pathogen Nucleic Acids Res (2000)山口大
49Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1A9 Draft 5.1 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
50Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1B11 Draft 2.1 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
51Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1C12 Draft 3.3 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
52Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1C2 Draft 2.3 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
53Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1D1 Draft 3.1 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
54Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1D10 Draft 2.7 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
55Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1D2 Draft 4.9 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
56Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1D4 Draft 6.4 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
57Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1E11 Draft 3.0 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
58Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1E3 Draft 3.6 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
59Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1F7 Draft 6.2 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
60Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-1F8 Draft 7.2 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
61Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2D9 Draft 3.5 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
62Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2E1 Draft 3.6 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
63Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2E3 Draft 3.4 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
64Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2F7 Draft 2.2 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
65Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2G11 Draft 5.7 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
66Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2G4 Draft 4.5M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
67Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2H11 Draft 3.5 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
68Clostridia bacterium UC5.1-2H6 Draft 3.5 M Th17 inducing Cell (2015)理研/慶應大
69Clostridiales bacterium VE202-01 Draft 3.3 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
70Clostridiales bacterium VE202-03 Draft 4.8 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
71Clostridiales bacterium VE202-04 Draft 7.4 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
72Clostridiales bacterium VE202-06 Draft 6.1 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
73Clostridiales bacterium VE202-07 Draft 6.0 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
74Clostridiales bacterium VE202-08 Draft 3.3 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
75Clostridiales bacterium VE202-09 Draft 3.5 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
76Clostridiales bacterium VE202-13 Draft 3.5 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
77Clostridiales bacterium VE202-14 Draft 3.1 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
78Clostridiales bacterium VE202-15 Draft 6.2 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
79Clostridiales bacterium VE202-16 Draft 5.2 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
80Clostridiales bacterium VE202-18 Draft 3.6 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
81Clostridiales bacterium VE202-21 Draft 5.3 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
82Clostridiales bacterium VE202-26 Draft 3.9 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
83Clostridiales bacterium VE202-27 Draft 7.1 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
84Clostridiales bacterium VE202-28 Draft 6.9 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
85Clostridiales bacterium VE202-29 Draft 7.4 M Treg inducing Nature (2013)理研/慶應大
86Clostridium acetobutylicum Draft 4.0 M industrial use 九州大
87Clostridium chauvoei Draft 3.0 M pathogen 金沢大
88Clostridium cluster group XIVa SY8519 Complete 3,031,430 nt probaiotics J Bacteriol (2011)岐阜大
89Clostridium clostridioforme JCM 1291 Incomplete 5.3 M calf rumen 徳島大/理研
90Clostridium innocuum JCM 1292 Draft 3.0 M commensal 徳島大/理研
91Clostridium paraputrificum JCM 1293 Complete 3,515,907 nt commensal in preparation徳島大/理研
92Clostridium perfringens str.13 Complete 3,031,430 nt pathogen PNAS (2002)筑波大
93Clostridium ramosum JCM 1298 Complete 3,240,990 nt commensal in preparation徳島大/理研
94Clostridium septicum Draft 3.0 M pathogen 金沢大
95Clostridium straminisolvens JCM 21531T Draft 3.9 M plant Genome Announc (2014)理研
96Corynebacterium glutamicum ATCC 13032 Complete 3,309,401 nt industrial use Appl Microbiol Biotech (2003)協和発酵
97Corynebacterium macginleyi TBS-13 Complete 2,695,463 nt pathogen in preparation徳島大
98Cyanothece sp. TU126 Draft 6.0 M marine RITE
99Cycloclasticus sp. SUSI-4 Complete 2,338,755 nt industrial use in preparation日本大
100Cytophaga fermentans JCM 21142T Draft 5.6 M marine mud Genome Announc (2014)理研
101Eggerthella sp. YY7918 Complete 3,123,671 nt industrial use J Bacteriol (2011)岐阜大
102Escherichia coli O103 strain12009 Complete 5,449,314 nt pathogen PNAS (2009)宮崎大
103Escherichia coli O111 strain11128 Complete 5,371,077 nt pathogen PNAS (2009)宮崎大
104Escherichia coli O26 strain11044 Complete 5,697,240 nt pathogen PNAS (2009)宮崎大
105Escherichia coli O157:H7 sakai Complete 5,498,450 nt pathogen DNA Res (2001)宮崎大/大阪大
106Escherichia coli SE11 (JCM 16574)]] Complete 4,887,515 nt commensal DNA Res (2008)宮崎大
107Escherichia coli SE15 (JCM 16575)]] Complete 4,717,338 nt commensal J Bacteriol (2010)宮崎大/理研
108Finegoldia magna ATCC 29328 Complete 1,797,577 nt pathogen DNA Res (2008)和歌山医大
109Gardnerella vaginalis JCM 11026T Complete 1,667,406 nt pathogen Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
110Geofilum rubicundum JCM 15548 Draft 4.9 M farm Microbes Environ (2015)理研
111Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19037 Draft 4.0 M aquatic sample Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
112Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19038 Draft 3.8 M aquatic sample Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
113Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19039 Draft 4.1 M aquatic sample Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
114Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19055 Draft 4.0 M aquatic sample Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
115Gracilibacillus boraciitolerans JCM 21714T Draft 3.6 M soil Genome Announc (2014)理研
116Halomonas elongata Complete 4,066,209 nt pathogen in preparation大阪大/RITE
117Helicobacter pyroli F16 Complete 1,575,399 nt pathgen PNAS (2011)東京大/神戸大
118Helicobacter pyroli F30 Complete 1,5705,64 nt pathgen PNAS (2011)東京大/神戸大
119Helicobacter pyroli F32 Complete 1,578,824 nt pathgen PNAS (2011)東京大/神戸大
120Helicobacter pyroli F57 Complete 1,609,006 nt pathgen PNAS (2011)東京大/神戸大
121Helicobacter pyroli OK113 Complete 1,616,617 nt pathgen Mol Biol Evol (2013)東京大
122Helicobacter pyroli OK310 Complete 1,591,278 nt pathgen Mol Biol Evol (2013)東京大
123Jejuia pallidilutea 11shimoA1 Draft 3.8 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
124Jejuia pallidilutea A1W Draft 3.7 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
125Jejuia pallidilutea A1R Draft 3.7 M seaweed Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
126Lactobacillus brevis KB290 Complete 2,395,134 nt probiotics PLoS One (2013)カゴメ
127Lactobacillus casei ATCC 393 Complete 2,924,929 nt probiotics PLoS One (2013)麻布大/NIHS
128Lactobacillus composti JCM 14202T Draft 2.3 M kôso Genome Announc (2015)ARSOA
129Lactobacillus farciminis NBRC 111452 Draft 2.8 M shōchū compost Genome Announc (2014)理研
130Lactobacillus farraginis JCM 14108T Draft 2.8 M shōchū compost Genome Announc (2014)理研
131Lactobacillus fermentum IFO 3956 Complete 2,098,685 nt others DNA Res (2008)麻布大
132Lactobacillus helveticus CM4 Complete 2,028,493 nt probiotics J Biosci Bioeng (2013)カルピス
133Lactobacillus paracasei JCM 8130T Complete 2,995,875 nt commensal PLoS One (2013)麻布大
134Lactobacillus reuteri JCM 1112 Complete 2,039,414 nt commensal DNA Res (2008)麻布大
135Lactobacillus rhamnosus ATCC 53103 Complete 3,005,051 nt commensal J Bacteriol (2009)麻布大/NIHS
136Lactobacillus sucicola JCM 15457T Draft 2.4 M oak sap Genome Announc (2014)理研
137Lactococcus garviae ATCC 49156 Complete 1,950,135 nt marine PLoS ONE (2011)麻布大
138Lactococcus garviae Lg2 Complete 1,963,964 nt fish pathogen PLoS ONE (2011)麻布大
139Lactococcus lactis IO-1 Complete 2,421,471 nt probaiotics J Bacteriol (2012)東京農大
140Leptospirillum ferrooxidans C2-3 Complete 2,559,538 nt soil J Bacteriol (2012)茨城大
141Marinobacter salarius R9SW1 Draft 2.4 M radioactive water Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
142Marinobacter similis A3d10 Draft 2.4 M radioactive water Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
143Micromonospora olivasterospor Draft 8.0 M Industrial use 東京大/北里大
144Methyloceanibacter caenitepidi Gela4 Complete 3,424,964 nt marine sediment Int J Syst Evol Microbiol (2014)産総研
145Mortierella elongata FMR23-6 Draft 2.6 M endosymbiont fungus Genome Announc (2014)茨城大
146Mycobacterium sp. EPa45 Complete 6,177,406 nt PAH-degrading Genome Announc (2015)東北大
147Mycoplasma penetrans HF-2 Complete 1,358,633 nt pathogen Nucleic Acids Res (2002)感染研
148Nocardia farcinica IFM10152 Complete 6,021,225 nt pathogen PNAS (2004)感染研
149Nonlabens sp. NR17 Draft 3.2 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
150Nonlabens sp. NR24 Draft 3.2 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
151Nonlabens sp. NR27 Draft 3.2 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
152Nonlabens sp. NR32 Draft 3.2 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
153Nonlabens sp. NR33 Draft 3.0 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
154Nonlabens sp. Ara13 Draft 2.9 M marine Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
155Orientia tsutsugamushi IKEDA Complete 2,008,987 nt pathogen DNA Res (2008)宮崎大
156Parascardovia denticolens JCM 12538T Complete 1,890,857 nt pathogen Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
157Paenibacillus pini JCM 16418T Draft 4.9 M pine tree Genome Announc (2014)理研
158Paenibacillus sp. JCM 10914 Draft 6.1 M termite gut Genome Announc (2014)理研
159Photobacterium aphoticum C119 Draft 5.4 M coral reef Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
160Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18900 Draft 3.2 M marine animal Genome Announc (2014)理研
161Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18901 Draft 3.1 M marine animal Genome Announc (2014)理研
162Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18902 Draft 3.2 M marine animal Genome Announc (2014)理研
163Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18903 Draft 3.4 M marine animal Genome Announc (2014)理研
164Porphyromonas gingivalis ATCC 33277 Complete 2,354,886 nt pathogen DNA Res (2008)長崎大
165Porphyromonas gingivalis TDC60 Complete 2,354,886 nt pathogen J Bacteriol (2011)東工大/日医歯大
166Pseudogulbenkiania sp. NH8B Complete 4,332,995 nt soil J Bacteriol (2011)東京大
167Raoultella ornithinolytica AA097 Complete 5,470,207 nt commensal in preparation宮崎大/理研
168Rickettsia japonica YH Complete 1,283,087 nt pathogen PLoS One (2013)山口大
169Ruminococcus gnavus TBH11 Complete 3,953,418 nt commensal in preparation徳島大
170Scardovia inopinata JCM 12537T Complete 1,797,862 nt pathogen Genome Announc (2015)麻布大
171Serratia marcescens SM28 Complete 5,225,987 nt pathogen Genome Biol Evol (2014)京薬大
172Sodalis glossinidius str.'morsitans' Complete 4,171,146 nt insect symbiont Genome Res (2006)Yale-U
173Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus Mu50 Complete 2,878,529 nt pathogen Lancet (2001)筑波大
174Staphylococcus hyicus Complete 2.5 M pathogen in preparation広島大
175Staphylococcus pseudintermedius MS5134 Complete 2,532,333 nt pathogen in preparation広島大
176Staphylococcus saprophyticus ATCC15305 Complete 2,516,575 nt pathogen PNAS (2005)筑波大
177Streptococcus mutans NN2025 Complete 2,013,587 nt pathogen BMC Genomics (2009)東京医歯大
178Streptococcus mutans LJ23 Complete 2,015,626 nt pathogen J Bacteriol (2011)東京医歯大
179Streptococcus pyogenes SSI-1 Complete 1,894,275 nt pathogen Genome Res (2003)大阪大
180Streptomyces avermitilis MA-4680 Complete 9,025,608 nt soil, industrial use PNAS (2001)北里大/NITE
181Streptomyces griseus IFO 13350 Complete 8,545,929 nt soil, industrial use J Bacteriol (2008)東京大
182Streptomyces incarnatus NRRL8089 Draft 8.8 M soil Genome Announc (2014)岡山大
183Symbiobacterium thermophilum IAM14863 Complete 3,566,135 nt soil, symbiont Nucleic Acids Res (2004)日本大
184Treponema phagedenis YG3903R Complete 3,558,565 nt animal pathogen in preparation宮崎大
185Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD2210633 Complete 5,165,770 nt pathogen Lancet (2003)大阪大
186Vibrio ponticus C121 Draft 4.6 M coral reef Genome Announc (2014)北海道大
187Vibrio ishigakensis C1 Draft 4.7 M seawater Syst Appl Microbiol (2016)北海道大
188Vibrio ishigakensis C5 Draft 4.8 M seawater Syst Appl Microbiol (2016)北海道大
189Vibrio ishigakensis C216 Draft 4.7 M seawater Syst Appl Microbiol (2016)北海道大
190Vibrio sp. JCM 18904 Draft 5.2 M sea cucumber Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
191Vibrio sp. JCM 18905 Draft 5.1 M gastropod Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
192Vibrio sp. JCM 19053 Draft 5.1 M gastropod Genome Announc (2014)長崎大
193Wigglesworthia glossinidia endosymbiont of G.brevipalpis Complete 697,724 nt insect symbiont Nature Genet (2002)Yale-U/理研
194Wigglesworthia morsitans Complete 719,535 nt insect symbiont MBio (2012)Yale-U
195Winogradskyella sp. PG-2 Complete 3,811,479 nt seawater Genome Announc (2014)東京大

National BioResource Project


Organism Size BioProject ID
Aeropyrum camini JCM 12091T PRJDB807
Metallosphaera hakonensis JCM 8857T PRJDB782
Sulfolobus metallicus JCM 9184T PRJDB806
Sulfolobus sp. JCM 16833 PRJDB820
Thermocladium modestius JCM 10088T PRJDB787
Vulcanisaeta distributa JCM 11213 PRJDB828
Vulcanisaeta distributa JCM 11215 PRJDB829
Vulcanisaeta distributa JCM 11216 PRJDB790
Vulcanisaeta distributa JCM 11217 PRJDB791
Vulcanisaeta souniana JCM 11219T PRJDB792
Vulcanisaeta sp. JCM 16159 PRJDB850
Acidiplasma cupricumulans JCM 13668T PRJDB847
Methanobacterium formicicum JCM 10132T PRJDB899
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus JCM 13429T PRJDB900
Methanobrevibacter arboriphilus JCM 9315 PRJDB785
Methanoculleus chikugoensis JCM 10825T PRJDB789
Methanogenium cariaci JCM 10550T PRJDB788
Methanosarcina barkeri JCM 10043T PRJDB882
Methanosarcina horonobensis JCM 15518T PRJDB832
Methanosarcina mazei JCM 9314 PRJDB784
Natronolimnobius baerhuensis JCM 12253T PRJDB831
Thermococcus celer JCM 8558T PRJDB783
Thermococcus peptonophilus JCM 9653T PRJDB786
Thermococcus sp. JCM 11816 PRJDB830
Thermogymnomonas acidicola JCM 13583T PRJDB825


Organism Size BioProject ID
Brevibacterium pakistanensis JCM 18882 PRJDB951
Aciditerrimonas ferrireducens JCM 15389T PRJDB816
Actinotalea fermentans JCM 9966T PRJDB966
Agromyces mediolanus JCM 9631 PRJDB944
Agromyces ulmi JCM 13315T PRJDB930
Arthrobacter nitroguajacolicus JCM 14115T PRJDB934
Arthrobacter sp. JCM 19049 PRJDB1621
Bifidobacterium bifidum JCM 1254 PRJDB801
Bifidobacterium breve JCM 1192T PRJDB770
Cellulomonas chitinilytica JCM 16927T PRJDB978
Cellulomonas composti JCM 14898T PRJDB970
Cellulomonas denverensis JCM 14733T PRJDB982
Cellulomonas hominis JCM 12133T PRJDB981
Cellulomonas iranensis JCM 18110T PRJDB979
Cellulomonas pakistanensis JCM 18755T PRJDB995
Cellulomonas persica JCM 18111T PRJDB980
Cellulomonas sp. JCM 9808 PRJDB889
Conexibacter sp. JCM 18997 PRJDB908
Isoptericola sp. JCM 19051 PRJDB1623
Isoptericola variabilis JCM 11754T PRJDB956
Janibacter terrae JCM 12887 PRJDB961
Kineosporia mikuniensis JCM 9961T PRJDB1006
Kineosporia rhizophila JCM 9960T PRJDB1005
Nesterenkonia sp. JCM 19054 PRJDB1624
Nocardioides nitrophenolicus JCM 10703T PRJDB946
Nocardioides sp. JCM 16518 PRJDB890
Propionibacterium acnes JCM 18909 PRJDB915
Propionibacterium acnes JCM 18916 PRJDB916
Propionibacterium acnes JCM 18918 PRJDB917
Propionibacterium acnes JCM 18920 PRJDB918
Rhodococcus erythropolis JCM 9803 PRJDB891
Rhodococcus erythropolis JCM 9804 PRJDB926
Rhodococcus erythropolis JCM 9805 PRJDB892
Rhodococcus qingshengii JCM 15477T PRJDB938
Thermobifida fusca JCM 3263T PRJDB963
Xylanimicrobium pachnodae JCM 13526T PRJDB968
Algibacter lectus JCM 19300 PRJDB1684
Algoriphagus boritolerans JCM 18970T PRJDB928
Bacteroides acidifaciens JCM 10556T PRJDB562
Bacteroides barnesiae JCM 13652T PRJDB577
Bacteroides faecichinchillae JCM 17102T PRJDB601
Bacteroides fragilis JCM 11017 PRJDB564
Bacteroides gallinarum JCM 13658T PRJDB578
Bacteroides graminisolvens JCM 15093T PRJDB586
Bacteroides massiliensis JCM 13223T PRJDB570
Bacteroides nordii JCM 12987T PRJDB566
Bacteroides paurosaccharolyticus JCM 15092T PRJDB585
Bacteroides propionicifaciens JCM 14649T PRJDB582
Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 10003 PRJDB560
Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 6292 PRJDB556
Bacteroides pyogenes JCM 6294T PRJDB557
Bacteroides reticulotermitis JCM 10512T PRJDB561
Bacteroides rodentium JCM 16496T PRJDB600
Bacteroides salyersiae JCM 12988T PRJDB579
Bacteroides sartorii JCM 16497 PRJDB626
Bacteroides sartorii JCM 17136T PRJDB603
Bacteroides stercorirosoris JCM 17103T PRJDB602
Saccharicrinis fermentans JCM 21142T PRJDB624
Dysgonomonas hofstadii JCM 17038T PRJDB873
Geofilum rubicundum JCM 15548T PRJDB678
Jejuia pallidilutea JCM 19301 PRJDB1685
Jejuia pallidilutea JCM 19302 PRJDB1686
Marinifilum fragile JCM 15579T PRJDB679
Marinilabilia salmonicolor JCM 21150T PRJDB629
Porphyromonas bennonis JCM 16335T PRJDB625
Porphyromonas cangingivalis JCM 15983T PRJDB608
Porphyromonas gingivicanis JCM 15907T PRJDB614
Porphyromonas macacae JCM 13914T PRJDB607
Porphyromonas macacae JCM 15984 PRJDB609
Porphyromonas uenonis JCM 13868T PRJDB580
Prevotella albensis JCM 12258T PRJDB569
Prevotella amnii JCM 14753T PRJDB583
Prevotella aurantiaca JCM 15754T PRJDB596
Prevotella baroniae JCM 13447T PRJDB571
Prevotella corporis JCM 8529T PRJDB559
Prevotella dentasini JCM 15908T PRJDB597
Prevotella denticola JCM 13449T PRJDB574
Prevotella disiens JCM 6334T PRJDB558
Prevotella enoeca JCM 12259T PRJDB563
Prevotella falsenii JCM 15124T PRJDB592
Prevotella fusca JCM 17724T PRJDB605
Prevotella histicola JCM 15637T PRJDB591
Prevotella loescheii JCM 12249T PRJDB567
Prevotella maculosa JCM 15638T PRJDB593
Prevotella marshii JCM 13450T PRJDB576
Prevotella micans JCM 16134T PRJDB598
Prevotella nanceiensis JCM 15639T PRJDB594
Prevotella oris JCM 12252T PRJDB568
Prevotella oulorum JCM 14966T PRJDB584
Prevotella paludivivens JCM 13650T PRJDB575
Prevotella pleuritidis JCM 14110T PRJDB581
Prevotella saccharolytica JCM 17484T PRJDB604
Prevotella scopos JCM 17725T PRJDB606
Prevotella shahii JCM 12083T PRJDB565
Prevotella timonensis JCM 15640T PRJDB595
Prevotella veroralis JCM 6290T PRJDB555
Prolixibacter bellariivorans JCM 13498T PRJDB628
Rhodothermus marinus JCM 9785 PRJDB841
“Thermus kawarayensis” JCM 12314T PRJDB793
Thermus sp. JCM 17653 PRJDB795
“Gracilibacillus pakistanensis” JCM 18860 PRJDB983
“Lysinibacillus pakistanensis” JCM 18776T PRJDB846
Bacillus akibai JCM 9157T PRJDB671
Bacillus boroniphilus JCM 21738T PRJDB823
Bacillus hemicellulosilyticus JCM 9152T PRJDB669
Bacillus mannanilyticus JCM 10596T PRJDB653
Bacillus sp. JCM 19034 PRJDB1710
Bacillus sp. JCM 19035 PRJDB1631
Bacillus sp. JCM 19041 PRJDB1615
Bacillus sp. JCM 19045 PRJDB1617
Bacillus sp. JCM 19046 PRJDB1618
Bacillus sp. JCM 19047 PRJDB1619
Bacillus sp. JCM 19056 PRJDB1628
Bacillus sp. JCM 19058 PRJDB1630
Bacillus sp. JCM 19059 PRJDB1711
Bacillus subtilis subsp. spizizenii JCM 2499 PRJDB894
Bacillus wakoensis JCM 9140T PRJDB668
Calditerricola satsumensis JCM 14719T PRJDB814
Cellulosilyticum ruminicola JCM 14822T PRJDB815
Clostridium glycyrrhizinilyticum JCM 13369 PRJDB757
Clostridium josui JCM 17888T PRJDB756
Clostridium sp. JCM 10519 PRJDB860
Clostridium sp. JCM 10522 PRJDB861
Clostridium sphenoides JCM 1415T PRJDB859
Clostridium stercorarium subsp. thermolacticum JCM 9324 PRJDB755
Clostridium straminisolvens JCM 21531T PRJDB821
Coprobacillus cateniformis JCM 10604T PRJDB862
Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19037 PRJDB1612
Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19038 PRJDB1613
Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19039 PRJDB1614
Geomicrobium sp. JCM 19055 PRJDB1627
Gracilibacillus boraciitolerans JCM 21714T PRJDB874
Gracilibacillus sp. JCM 18966 PRJDB919
Halolactibacillus sp. JCM 19043 PRJDB1616
Lactobacillus acetotolerans JCM 3825T PRJDB802
Lactobacillus acidophilus JCM 1132T PRJDB636
Lactobacillus amylophilus JCM 1125T PRJDB799
Lactobacillus apodemi JCM 16172T PRJDB651
Lactobacillus camelliae JCM 13995T PRJDB765
Lactobacillus casei JCM 1134T PRJDB638
Lactobacillus collinoides JCM 1123T PRJDB897
Lactobacillus composti JCM 14202T PRJDB649
Lactobacillus crispatus JCM 1185T PRJDB800
Lactobacillus curvatus JCM 1096T PRJDB798
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus JCM 1002T PRJDB769
Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. delbrueckii JCM 1012T PRJDB634
Lactobacillus equi JCM 10991T PRJDB647
Lactobacillus equicursoris JCM 14600T PRJDB804
Lactobacillus equigenerosi JCM 14505T PRJDB774
Lactobacillus farraginis JCM 14108T PRJDB599
Lactobacillus floricola JCM 16512T PRJDB778
Lactobacillus florum JCM 16035T PRJDB766
Lactobacillus fuchuensis JCM 11249T PRJDB648
Lactobacillus gallinarum JCM 2011T PRJDB621
Lactobacillus gasseri JCM 1131T PRJDB635
Lactobacillus hamsteri JCM 6256T PRJDB644
Lactobacillus hayakitensis JCM 14209T PRJDB650
Lactobacillus hokkaidonensis JCM 18461T PRJDB780
Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens subsp. kefiranofaciens JCM 6985T PRJDB645
Lactobacillus kefiranofaciens subsp. kefirgranum JCM 8572T PRJDB772
Lactobacillus kefiri JCM 5818T PRJDB803
Lactobacillus kimchicus JCM 15530T PRJDB924
Lactobacillus kisonensis JCM 15041T PRJDB776
Lactobacillus kitasatonis JCM 1039T PRJDB640
Lactobacillus lindneri JCM 11027T PRJDB761
Lactobacillus manihotivorans JCM 12514T PRJDB763
Lactobacillus nasuensis JCM 17158T PRJDB768
Lactobacillus nodensis JCM 14932T PRJDB652
Lactobacillus odoratitofui JCM 15043T PRJDB923
Lactobacillus oryzae JCM 18671T PRJDB781
Lactobacillus otakiensis JCM 15040T PRJDB775
Lactobacillus ozensis JCM 17196T PRJDB779
Lactobacillus pantheris JCM 12539T PRJDB764
Lactobacillus paracollinoides JCM 11969T PRJDB762
Lactobacillus parafarraginis JCM 14109T PRJDB773
Lactobacillus paralimentarius JCM 10415T PRJDB646
Lactobacillus paralimentarius JCM 10707 PRJDB760
Lactobacillus plantarum subsp. plantarum JCM 1149T PRJDB641
Lactobacillus rapi JCM 15042T PRJDB777
Lactobacillus rhamnosus JCM 1136T PRJDB639
Lactobacillus sakei subsp. sakei JCM 1157T PRJDB642
Lactobacillus saniviri JCM 17471T PRJDB805
Lactobacillus satsumensis JCM 12392T PRJDB826
Lactobacillus senioris JCM 17472T PRJDB827
Lactobacillus sharpeae JCM 1186T PRJDB758
Lactobacillus silagei JCM 19001T PRJDB925
Lactobacillus similis JCM 2765T PRJDB759
Lactobacillus sucicola JCM 15457T PRJDB622
Lactobacillus thailandensis JCM 13996T PRJDB898
Lactococcus fujiensis JCM 16395T PRJDB767
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis JCM 5805T PRJDB643
Lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis JCM 7638 PRJDB771
Lentibacillus juripiscarius JCM 12147T PRJDB808
Lysinibacillus boronitolerans JCM 21713T PRJDB822
Lysinibacillus parviboronicapiens JCM 18861T PRJDB797
Oceanobacillus sp. JCM 19060 PRJDB1712
Paenibacillus pini JCM 16418T PRJDB674
Paenibacillus pinihumi JCM 16419T PRJDB844
Paenibacillus sp. JCM 10914 PRJDB672
Paenibacillus sp. JCM 16163 PRJDB879
Paenibacillus sp. JCM 18996 PRJDB911
Paenibacillus sp. JCM 9795 PRJDB877
Paenibacillus sp. JCM 9796 PRJDB878
Piscibacillus salipiscarius JCM 13188T PRJDB812
Ruminococcus champanellensis JCM 17042T PRJDB896
Ruminococcus faecis JCM 15917T PRJDB872
Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus JCM 2151 PRJDB840
Staphylococcus aureus subsp. aureus JCM 2413 PRJDB676
Staphylococcus epidermidis JCM 2414T PRJDB677
Syntrophomonas palmitatica JCM 14374T PRJDB813
Tetragenococcus halophilus JCM 19268 PRJDB1702
Tetragenococcus halophilus JCM 19269 PRJDB1703
Thalassobacillus sp. JCM 19033 PRJDB1709
Thermaerobacter composti JCM 15650T PRJDB817
Thermoanaerobacter thermocopriae JCM 7501T PRJDB754
Veillonella denticariosi JCM 15641T PRJDB870
Veillonella rogosae JCM 15642T PRJDB871
Virgibacillus halodenitrificans JCM 12304T PRJDB673
“Desulfovibrio brasiliensis” JCM 12178T PRJDB810
Acetobacter papayae JCM 25143T PRJDB553
Acetobacter persici JCM 25330T PRJDB590
Acinetobacter baumannii JCM 6841T PRJDB620
Aliivibrio fischeri JCM 18803T PRJDB881
Asaia astilbes JCM 15831T PRJDB587
Asaia platycodi JCM 25414T PRJDB613
Asaia prunellae JCM 25354T PRJDB589
Campylobacter jejuni subsp. jejuni JCM 2013 PRJDB627
Desulfothermus okinawensis JCM 13304T PRJDB794
Diaphorobacter nitroreducens JCM 11421T PRJDB660
Enterobacter asburiae JCM 6051T PRJDB880
Enterovibrio sp. JCM 19048 PRJDB1620
Escherichia coli JCM 1649T PRJDB552
Escherichia coli JCM 18426 PRJDB610
Escherichia coli JCM 20135 PRJDB612
Escherichia coli JCM 5491 PRJDB615
Geobacter toluenoxydans JCM 15764T PRJDB818
Komagataeibacter kakiaceti JCM 25156T PRJDB554
Halomonas sp. JCM 19031 PRJDB1610
Halomonas sp. JCM 19032 PRJDB1611
Helicobacter pylori JCM 12093T PRJDB893
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae JCM 1662T PRJDB619
Klebsiella pneumoniae subsp. pneumoniae JCM 20051 PRJDB902
Kordiimonas gwangyangensis JCM 12864T PRJDB656
Kosakonia cowanii JCM 10956T PRJDB901
Legionella pneumophila subsp. pneumophila JCM 7571T PRJDB623
Methylobacillus glycogenes JCM 2850T PRJDB658
Methylogaea oryzae JCM 16910T PRJDB848
Methylomonas koyamae JCM 16701T PRJDB819
Nitratireductor aquibiodomus JCM 21793T PRJDB654
Photobacterium sp. JCM 19050 PRJDB1622
Pseudomonas aeruginosa JCM 14847 PRJDB618
Pseudomonas aeruginosa JCM 5962T PRJDB616
Pseudomonas aeruginosa JCM 6119 PRJDB617
Pseudomonas pictorum JCM 9942T PRJDB659
Pseudomonas putida JCM 18452 PRJDB837
Pseudomonas putida JCM 18798 PRJDB838
Pseudomonas putida JCM 9802 PRJDB836
Pseudomonas tuomuerensis JCM 14085T PRJDB834
Pseudovibrio denitrificans JCM 12308T PRJDB661
Pseudovibrio sp. JCM 19062 PRJDB1714
Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18900 PRJDB884
Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18901 PRJDB885
Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18902 PRJDB883
Psychrobacter sp. JCM 18903 PRJDB886
Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica JCM 1652 PRJDB611
Shewanella algae JCM 21037T PRJDB633
Shewanella haliotis JCM 14758T PRJDB630
Shewanella marina JCM 15074T PRJDB631
Shewanella putrefaciens JCM 20190T PRJDB632
Shewanella sp. JCM 19057 PRJDB1629
Silvimonas sp. JCM 19000 PRJDB910
Sneathiella glossodoripedis JCM 23214T PRJDB657
Vibrio sp. JCM 18904 PRJDB875
Vibrio sp. JCM 18905 PRJDB876
Vibrio sp. JCM 19052 PRJDB1625
Vibrio sp. JCM 19053 PRJDB1626
Vibrio sp. JCM 19061 PRJDB1713
Vibrio sp. JCM 19063 PRJDB1716
Vibrio sp. JCM 19231 PRJDB1673
Vibrio sp. JCM 19232 PRJDB1704
Vibrio sp. JCM 19233 PRJDB1705
Vibrio sp. JCM 19236 PRJDB1708
Vibrio sp. JCM 19238 PRJDB1675
Vibrio sp. JCM 19241 PRJDB1678
Verrucomicrobium spinosum JCM 18804T PRJDB920